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About Us

RIGHTEASE is a very systematic, convenient and intuitive application to manage any medical centre. The application is an innovative and optimise consultations with medical practitioners. It also maintains respective medical center's patient health records effectively, Medical center can be Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostic center, Phramacies, Medical Colleges.Each medical center can enable their required modules to serve their needs. The services include Inpatient, Outpatient, Diagnostic center, Pharmacy and Central billing modules. Our in-depth domain expertise and strong focus on delivering qaulity solutions that combines industry best practices and proprietary tools will help the health care industries to optimally achieve their core business objectives

Our Services

Outpatient Module

The OP software module provides an electronic record keeping, data processing and reporting/billing system within the OP management practice.It facilitates doctors to give better consultation and take quick decisions by providing comprehensive information of patient information.

Inpatient Module

The IP software module process all IP care right from admission to follow up to discharge. Designed to record all the key information about the patient such as their assessment, investigation, treatment, lab reports, radiology, pharmacy, all other relevant information and services can be viewed under one umbrella of the IP portal.

Diagnostic Lab

The Lab module systematically manages appointments, test reports, referral management with their corresponding billing. It can even handle transfer of lab tests to a different location to expedite the test results. The lab module is entirely integrated to Outpatient and Inpatient module.


The Pharmacy module provides an entire pharmacy management flow right from the stock creation (through purchase entries) to sales. This entire flow is completely systematic and properly structured to give users to manage their pharmacy effectively.

Centralized Billing

All of the payments for the invoices generated in Outpatient, Inpatient, Lab and Pharmacy can be collected centrally through a cashier. The listing of the entire medical center payments collection is visible and can be downloaded from one location.

Why Right Ease?

Leading The Way In Medical Excellence

  • Case file maintenance and management is all automatically processed through Rightease.
  • Smart EMR (Electronic Medical Record) helps doctor to track the history and understand the patient’s condition instantly.
  • Smart E- Medicines and E-Tests Prescription helps doctor to prescribe in the system easily.
  • Instant access to wholistic health status of patient
  • Application can be operated in various platforms Web, Tablet and Mobile.
  • Saves Time for Doctor & Patient
  • Patient’s appointment management is made more easier with all of the different features
  • Entire hospital’s patient IP casefile can be completely managed very effectively and there is no need of a paper based casefile maintainence.
  • Seamless auto flow of data between different modules
  • Hospital/Clinic can directly send their e-prescriptions (medicines/tests) to their preferred affliated/non-affliated pharmacy or lab.
  • Online Video/Chat Consultation service
  • Flexible payment collection

A place for everything and everything in its place

Through comprehensive solutions for Healthcare providers, Rightease is on the way forward to improve the lives of those who practice and those they care for